Christmas Wine Bag – Make It Monday

Christmas Wine Bag – Make It Monday

If you’re just finding me for the first time HEYYY!! It’s Monday and every Monday there is a new Crafty thing going on. Whether it’s a software tutorial or making something fun and easy. It’s Make-It-Monday!

This week with the release of my newest Christmas Wine Bundle why not make some wine bags. From opening the SVG in Silhouette to cutting multiple colors on one mat to the finished project. Let’s begin!


Open your software, I am using Silhouette Business and will load the SVG. (if you have the basic edition you’ll need the DXF file)

File > OPEN and locate your SVG/DXF on your computer.

Once your file is open in your software you need to measure the width of the bag you’re applying the SVG to. These wine bags are approx. 6″ wide. I want the design to fit center; I’ll make the SVG no more than 5″ wide.

Lock the ratio of the SVG and adjust width to 5″ RIGHT CLICK > FLIP HORIZONTALLY.

I loaded two SVGs into my software to cut both at the same time by color. Here is what my screen and mat look like to make this work.

Load your mat into your cameo, select all of your SVGs on your screen hit SEND in the top RIGHT corner of your Silhouette software.

Cut Settings


Once your design is cut weed the HTV, heat up your Cricut EasyPress™ Mini to medium heat setting which takes about 25-30 seconds. Cricut recommends applying some heat to your design. I like to iron out any wrinkles on fabric and its plenty of heat to get you started.

Place your HTV center on your wine bag with constant motion light to medium pressure heat press the design. Back and forth motion 5-10 seconds in each spot.

Peel your clear back off place a teflon sheet over top and press a few more times constant motion.

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