30+ Trademark Free Valentine Quotes for SVGs

30+ Trademark Free Valentine Quotes for SVGs

Looking for design inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. I typed out some great Valentine Quotes for you to use in your SVG designing or shirt making business.

With the ever growing list of Trademarks out there I thought it was a good idea to make this list for you. At the time of this article the quotes I listed below are Trademark FREE.

  • Happy Valentine’s Day
  • Heart Breaker
  • King of Hearts
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Little Love Bug
  • Love Bird
  • Pucker Up Buttercup
  • Prince of Hearts
  • Princess of Hearts
  • Cuter than Cupid
  • Be My Valentine
  • I Love you Gnome Matter What
  • Valentine Cutie
  • Love Bites
  • Hug Dealer
  • Little Miss Cupid
  • Little Mr Cupid
  • Loved John 3:16
  • Guilty of Stealing Hearts
  • Be (Bee) Mine
  • Kisses 25¢
  • Owl Always Love you
  • Have a Pizza My Heart
  • Gimme Some Sugar
  • Cupid’s Wingman
  • Be My Valen-Wine
  • Wine is my Valentine
  • My Dog is my Valentine
  • My Cat is my Valentine
  • Love at first Sight
  • I Adore You
  • My First Valentine’s Day
  • Best Valentine Ever
  • All of me Loves All of you
  • Cupid is Stupid
  • The Ladies Love Me
  • You + Me = Us
  • Love Never Fails
  • All you Need is Love and chocolate, beer, wine
  • Daddy’s Valentine
  • Mommy’s Valentine
  • I Love Us
  • You Me Us
  • Valentine Cutie
  • Current Mama’s Boy Future Ladies Man
  • Cupid is my Bestie

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