Single Line Sketch Christmas Card Tutorial

Have you heard of the new FOIL QUILL by We R Memory Keepers? Its AMAZING!! This is perfect for Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Congrats Cards and more....

I got mine and I am ready to start making all sorts of goodies with it. I started out with something simple because I wasnt sure how difficult it would be. Let me tell you!! It is the EASIEST thing to do. The Foil Quill comes with a step by step book to plug into your Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, Brother or Sizzix cutter. It took me less than 5 minutes to set up. Once set up its the same as using your pens on your cutters. 




Foil Quill Standard/Medium Tip


Single Line Design


Silhouette Cameo

Lets set up our Foil Quill: It's easy!! 

​Step 1: Using the book check which machine you have and use the proper adapter to fit into the PEN/BLADE carriage on your cutter. I am working with a Silhouette Cameo 2 so I am using the A adapter and plugging it into my BLADE CARRIAGE. Twist the lock on the carraige until it clicks. 

Step 2: Plug the Foil Quill into your Silhouette Cameo on the side there is a USB plug, once plugged the light will come on the Foil Quill. If you do not have a USB on your cutter you can use an outlet, computer or power bank. Not all machines have a USB and not all machines will power the Foil Quill. 

Step 3: Place the heat sheild metal spatula UNDER the gold tip of the Foil Quill to not burn your machine. Allow it about 5 minutes to heat up to the temperture it needs. WARNING: The Foil Quill gets hot.

Step 4: Choose your design you are going to foil and load into your program. Adjust to size as you wish, I am working with 4x6 inch sheets of foil. I want my design to fit inside this sheet of foil. 

Step 5: Place your cardstock on your mat, lay the foil over top the cards and washi top down to keep in place. See the photos below I have my cardstock one inch down and to the edge of the mat on the left. I have the foil approx 2 inches down from the top and 1 inch from the side of the mat. I want to place my foil design in the area of my foil. Are ya with me? 


Step 6: Place your design in the area where the foil is ON THE MAT .. see below



Step 7: Highlight the design and hit SEND ... these are the settings I used for me the harder the PASS the more gold you will see. Does that make sense? See photo below:



Step 8: Once finished remove from mat and peel washi tape gently off cardstock. 






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