Foil Quill Using 3 Colors of Foil

Making a card with the Foil Quill using 3 colors of foil. By looking at it, it may seem hard. But in reality it is super easy! Learn how to make a card using 3 colors of foil with your foil quill.


Single Line Sketch

Foil in multiple colors

Foil Quill

Washi Tape or Low Tack Tape

Nicapa Mat

Silhouette Cameo


Step 1 Group By Color if your design isn’t already.


Step 2 Pick your first colors I am using GOLD foil for the gingerbread man and words. Line up your foil on your card stock and your design on your mat. (refer to this tutorial on how to line up your designs and paper) Hit send and use the settings I have below:

Sketch (do not use sketch edge)

Cardstock, Plain


Sketch Pen

Speed 3 Force 4 (the more force the more gold but don’t go too high) Pass 1

Hit send at the bottom of your screen and watch the magic of your first color foil on your paper.

Step 3 Repeat Step 2 with the next color I am using RED, place your red foil over top of the design area and hit send.

Step 4 Repeat Step 2 again using GREEN, place your green foil over top the design area and hit send.​






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