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Print N Cut Stickers with your Cricut

Who doesn’t love stickers? This is so easy even the kids can do it! Supplies: Cricut Sticker Paper Printer Reminder Stickers Printable Labels PNG Nicapa Cutting Mat To make stickers in your Cricut you only need a transparent png file, an svg is not needed for this tutorial. Step 1: Open your png file in your Cricut Design Space and…

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Which Cricut Mat Do I Need?

This website contains affiliate links –> read my full disclosure here If you’re new to Cricut you may be confused with the different types of mats Cricut has. Each mat has a purpose and there are reasons behind each use. GREEN MAT StandardGrip Recommended Materials: Cardstock Patterned paper Embossed cardstock Iron-on Heat Transfer Vinyl Vinyl PINK MAT FabricGrip Recommended Materials: Fabric…

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Cricut Design Space

Learn to Connect and Weld in Cricut Design Space

Learn to Connect and Weld in Cricut Design Space You just learned How to use the Character Map now let’s CONNECT these letters and WELD them. Everyones first mistake is not connecting and welding words and letters in Cricut Design Space. We are going to learn how right now. Its actually really easy to do. Let’s begin: Type your text out, I am using Samantha Font Right…

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