Lighted Shadow Box Tutorial

Lighted Shadow Box Tutorial

Looking for a cute Christmas Decoration or some gifts for this year? The Llama has got you covered. We are making a lighted shadow box for Christmas Decor.

Light up Shadow Box Tutorial


Shadow Box



651 vinyl

Contact Paper


Rubbing Alcohol


Step 1: Measure the inside area of the front glass on your shadow box, I am working with an 8″ x 8″ sized shadow box.

Step 2: Cut out your vinyl to size – I made my svg 7.5″ x 7.5″ to leave room around the edge for error.

Step 3: Weed all of your vinyl and lay contact paper over top to be ready to place vinyl.

Step 4: Wash glass on the front of the shadow box with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils from your fingers.

Step 5: Apply your vinyl to the shadow box and squeegee on. 

Step 6: Cut out a piece of cardstock to size 8×8 for the background of the box. I used white but you can pick any color you’d like. Even a printed wood cardstock would look awesome.

Step 7: Add lights inside the shadow box put backing on VOILA!!