How To Use Character Map in Cricut Design Space on a Mac

How To Use Character Map in Cricut Design Space on a Mac

font is a digital file used to display typeface.

glyph is a design of a set of characters. If you have 5 different types of the letter A you have 5 glyphs.

In the example below we will learn to turn a simple typeface into something more elegant using glyphs. In this design we have chosen the infamous Samantha Font. This is a great font for many designs, it has 1000+ glyphs.

Let’s begin:

Type out your text in your font of choice. I am using Samantha Upright.

Next step is the character map on a Mac

Open Font book on your Mac and find the font you are using. Make sure you have these two selected to see the special characters or glyphs.

On the right side you will see all the pretty glyphs. 

Select a letter, we are choosing a letter H, highlight the letter you’d like to use and copy it with (command c) on your Mac keyboard. Next go back to Cricut Design Space open your text box and paste (command v) your special character or glyph into the type box. You now have a little square in place of the letter H and if you notice your letter H is now a special character or glyph.

Next we will do the same with the letter o in Hello

Open font book find your font and copy the glyphs you’d like to use, go back to Cricut Design Space and paste (command v) on your  mac keyboard.

Since we are done with the character map we will close font book and adjust our letters to make them connected in a new blog post. 

I hope you enjoyed this super simple quick tutorial on using the Character Map on a Mac in Cricut Design Space.

Please leave any questions below if you have any!