HTV on Painted Wood Tutorial

HTV on Painted Wood! You Betcha!

Have you ever wondered if you can put HTV (heat transfer vinyl) on painted wood? You Betcha!


  • Chalk Paint
  • Wood Board
  • Heat Press
  • HTV
  • SVG

Heat Press Time & Temp 315 for 20 seconds

Step 1: Paint your board the color of your choice sand down to make a more smooth board (this is optional). Allow to dry at least 24hrs or use a heat gun.

Step 2: Turn your heat press on to 315 degrees. Cut your vinyl to the size of the board and place first color on top of the painted wood. Press for 15 seconds remove the HTV backing and press again if needed for 5-10 seconds. Continue to do this untill all HTV is applied.

Step 3: Coat with a clear sealant I prefer matte mod podge.

Step 4: NONE!