DIY Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments – Jenga Block Crafts

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments – Jenga Block Crafts

Jenga Block Crafts?! Who woulda thought…. I have this thing for DIY and Repurpose. I mean who doesn’t right?! In order for these to work you do need a generic block game .. the generic have no name branded on the blocks.


Generic Block Game

Screw Hooks

Chalk Paint

Sanding Sponge

Beanstalk Skinny Font

Chalk Varnish

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Cricut Mini Press


Block Ornaments Craft Mock Up High Res JPEG

Measure your blocks to determine size of your htv – blocks are .75” high by 3” wide. So be sure each line for a block is smaller than that. I made my words 1″ high.

Paint blocks color of choice

Sand painted blocks to desired distressed look

Heat up cricut mini press to setting 2 apply htv to blocks with mini press and heat for 5 seconds

Seal all blocks with matte varnish

Screw in Screw Hooks on top center of block and tie in some twine.

Voila !!