DIY Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

DIY Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

Farmhouse Style Ornaments

There is always something special about making ornaments and hanging them on the tree. These embroidery hoop ornaments are easy to make and look so darn cute. 


3″ Embroidery Hoop

Plaid Fabric

Cricut or Silhouette Cameo

Cricut Mini Press

HTV – Heat Transfer Vinyl

Faux Greenery

Bells or other decor

Glue Gun


Free SVG

Plaid Embroidery Hoop Ornament Mock Up High Res JPEG

Let’s Begin

Step 1: Cut stripes of fabric into 5″x5″ squares

Step 2: Pre heat your Cricut Mini heat setting 2, cut and weed your vinyl and press onto center of your fabric for approx. 25 seconds.

Step 3: Place your fabric into your embroidery hoops making sure your design is centered and screw tight.

Step 4: Using your glue gun, glue any extra overlapping fabric into the center of the hoop.

Step 5: Tie up some bells on thread and around screw at top of hoop. I also like to add some extra glue to keep them in place.

Step 6: Add your greenery to the back of the hoop and glue in place. Tie some twine up top to hang and you’re done