Mason Jar Lid Ornaments Craft Tutorial

Mason Jar Lid Ornaments Craft Tutorial

This Make-It Monday I am making something super simple, easy and fast. These ornaments are great for many reasons. One being who doesn’t have a ton of these guys laying around? Even if you don’t they are dirt cheap. I love handmade Christmas ornaments, they make my tree look so much more special.

Shall we begin?! Let’s start with our supply list.

Mason Jar Lids (Gold or Silver)

Plaid Fabric




Cricut EasyPress Miniβ„’


Glue Gun

Chip Board

Mason Jar Ornament Mock Up

Let’s Begin

Step 1: Cut fabric squares approx. 4″x4″ and apply HTV onto the center of the fabric square.

Step 2: Drop a small dot of hot glue in the the center of your lid and eyeball the center of your htv’d design, smoosh into glue. Fold corners and edges under the lid and glue in place.

Step 3: There are a bunch of different things you can do at step 3 so here are a couple of them: 

  • You can tie your twine through the lid
  • Wrap twine around the lid and cover it
  • Spray paint your lid in a matte color

Step 4: After you have done any of step 3 you put some hot glue on the INSIDE of the lid near the threads, then place your wrapped lid inside. 

Step 5: Cut your chipboard to finish the back the fabric lid and hot glue it in.

Step 5: Attach some greenery or bells to the front to finish the ornament.