Christmas Sign Using Dollar Tree Items

Christmas Sign Using Dollar Tree Items

I love Dollar Tree! Who doesn’t? There are so many items you can repurpose into new things for family and friends.

I found these Christmas wall hangings at mine but I want to make my own wall art with them using The Christmas Craft Bundle from Design Bundles. These work great they are cost effective and still have that handmade touch. It’s also easier then asking my husband to cut me some signs again HA!

Supply List

  • Dollar Store Hanging Decor 6″x6″
  • Black Chalk Paint and Paint Brush
  • Sand Paper course and fine
  • Heat Gun
  • HTV
  • SVG from The Christmas Craft Bundle
  • Varnish
  • Cricut EasyPress™ Mini
  • Twine

These blocks are made from a light weight plywood and have some glitter on them. I want to get all that glitter off and remove the shine. Sand these blocks first with a course grit sand paper then move to a fine grit.

Wipe off any access dust from sanding and apply two coats of chalk paint over top (acrylic paint works also). In between each coat of paint heat set with your embossing heat gun. This isn’t mandatory more of a personal preference. Watching paint dry is boring, I am an impatient crafter!

I like to sand and distress my blocks just around the edges a bit, using some fine grit sand those edges. You can leave them alone if you prefer also.

Now that our block is ready to apply the design we will go ahead and load that into the Silhouette software.

In Silhouette Studio click FILE > OPEN

The blocks are 6″x6″ in size; adjust the size of your SVG just a tad smaller to approx. 5.8 at the largest > Right click FLIP HORIZONTALLY

After you adjust size hit SEND in the top right corner of your Silhouette software. My settings are shown below. Hit SEND AS IS on the bottom of your software.

This design took approx. 2 min to cut

Turn your mini press on to medium heat which takes about 25 seconds to heat up. After your design finishes cutting unload mat remove the HTV from the mat and weed. Does anyone find this part relaxing? I am not a fan of weeding, I did recently buy a new weeding tool so its much faster now.

Place your weeded htv onto your block right smack dab in the center.

Using constant motion for about 25 seconds in several areas and some light to medium pressure heat press the HTV onto your block. Once you think its completely adhered warm peel the clear backing off.

I recommend to seal the chalk paint for a few reasons, if it gets wet it will run and chalk paint has a dusty film. Its chalk; it gets all over your hands. I use a matte chalk paint varnish for most of my projects involving chalk base paints.

Add some twine to the top of your finished piece to hang.

There are so many items at the Dollar Tree the possibilities are endless. If you’re making things to sell or give as gifts check your local Dollar Tree for some ideas.