HTV on a Christmas Wine Bag Tutorial

HTV on a Christmas Wine Bag Tutorial

Wine is a great gift to give at Christmas, most importantly to the host of your holiday party. Why not spruce up our wine gift giving a little with this wine bag tutorial using HTV.

Here is the supply list to decorate our wine bag.

Step 1

I am working with one of the designs I found in The Christmas Craft Bundle from Design Bundles. Load your SVG into Silhouette Studio, I am running business edition. If you have basic edition you’ll need to load the DXF file. The file can also be found in this HUGE Christmas Bundle.

Click File – OPEN

Once your svg file is open in your software you’ll need to measure your wine bag to make the svg fit. Measure your wine bag WIDTH not height – mine is approx. 5”-6” wide 

I will want my svg to fit the width on the front of the bag. Let’s lock the ratio of the file and adjust width. I will make the design 5” wide and the height will auto adjust itself.

Next step – Right click the design – FLIP HORIZONTALLY

Hit SEND on the upper left corner of Silhouette Studio. Adjust your settings to the material you are using. Here are my settings:

  • CUT
  • FORCE 5
  • SPEED 8

Once your design is cut turn on your Cricut EasyPress™ Mini to Medium heat, this takes about 25-30 seconds to warm up. While it’s heating up weed the HTV.

Cricut recommends adding some heat to your items before pressing them. I usually just iron my items with my mini press a tad to get any wrinkles out for 10-15 seconds.

While the wine bag is still hot center it on the bag and with constant motion, light pressure heat press your design.

Warm peel the clear backing of the htv slowly off your bag.

How easy was that? I plan on making 7 more of these bags for my neighbors/family and friends this year and giving them some wine.

I hope you enjoyed this easy quick tutorial!