Make A Plaid Christmas Pillow Decoration

It’s Christmas time in the makers world and I am all in, from glitter to plaid to holly berries. I’m really excited about these next craft projects. I am working with The Christmas Craft Bundle from Design Bundles. These projects are easy to make with at home or low cost supplies. 

Let’s begin

How To Make A Plaid Pillow Case


Step 1: First let’s load our SVG into the Silhouette Cameo software. I have the business edition to open SVGs, if you have the basic you’ll need to use the DXF file. (we will learn more about DXF in a later post)

Next you’ll want to measure the pillow case you’re working with, my pillow case is approx. 12-13” square so I will adjust the size of my SVG 11” at the largest part. Click the LOCK ratio in your software and change the LARGEST number to your largest number.

Next we will flip the SVG horizontally because we are working with HTV we always want to flip it. How many times have you forgotten to flip your HTV design? Too many right? Right click FLIP HORIZONTALLY

Next we hit SEND on the top right corner of our Silhouette Software and adjust your settings. My settings for this project are as follows:

  • Cut
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl, Smooth
  • Ratchet Blade 
  • Force 5 Speed 9
  • then hit SEND
  • the program will ask SEND AS IS so hit that because we already flipped it above. If you forgot to flip it then hit reverse.

Once the SVG is cut from your Cameo you’ll want to weed the design as I did below. Watch how fast I can weed this design haha ya right who am I kidding.. don’t you love the power of time lapse videos. 


I am going to use my Cricut EasyPress™ Mini to heat press onto my pillow. It needs to be set at Medium Heat which will take about 25-30 seconds to heat up. 

I have this pressing pillow I got off of Etsy from an awesome handmade seller, I put that INSIDE my pillow before anything. This gives my pillow something to separate both pillow layers from one another to avoid sticking together. Sometimes that happens on this items … ask me how I know.

First you’ll want to “iron” your pillow case with your heat press lightly make it warm and get all those wrinkles out. Lay your design in the center of the empty pillow case with constant movement with light pressure press your design onto the pillow case and warm peel. Remember that HTV cover sheet will be hot.

Constant movement and light pressure

Look how great this pillow turned out.

There are so many options in the The Christmas Craft Bundle from Design Bundles. Do you see any designs or graphics you’d like to use and make items with? Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Crafting!!