Make It Monday – Mock Ups In Cricut Design Space

Make It Monday – Mock Ups In Cricut Design Space

Hey!! Its Monday!! Let’s Make It!

So many ask… What’s a mock up? How can I make them in Cricut Design Space? Do I need them?

These answers and more will be answered! Let’s start with

What is a Mock-Up? It’s a digital image of your design shown on a cup, shirt, pillow, sign or any item for that matter. It shows your customers what you’re offering and how it may look on that product.

Do I need to use MockUps? You don’t NEED them, but you should try to use them when possible. Ex. in your Etsy shop on your facebook page or even in email you can show customers the design they are wanting and what it may look like on a shirt.

How can I make them in Cricut Design Space? Let’s learn

Open Cricut Design Space and log in



UPLOAD IMAGES – Both the design and the mock up (locate your designs on your computer)

Once its open you see this page, you’re going to want to select COMPLEX the continue

The next page do nothing hit continue, Save as Print The Cut image not Save as Cut Image. We aren’t cutting anything

Here we have both our design and mock up ready to go. Insert both.

We need to INSERT both images onto our mat, once they are both loaded you’ll need to adjust the size of your design to fit that digital image of your product.

This specific design plus mock up ill need to adjust my design by rotating it and resizing it to 2.5″ in height. This looks great below

From here you can see this looks so much better then just showing your design on a plain white background or on your Cricut mat page. You can also water mark your new mock up and type out your biz name over top.

Let’s save our brand new mocked up design with a screenshot.

On a Mac command+shift+4 and you’re done

On a PC – Snipping Tool – open your windows search and type in snipping tool, click it when it pops up, hit the MODE button and choose from, free-form, windows snip or rectangular. Hit FREE FORM draw a box, save.

I feel these look so much better than taking a photo of your screen and sending this to your customers.

You can find some really great mocks ups from Design Bundles FREE section to test them out. This Wine Bag is from Burgess Family Craft and the design is FREE from my website.

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