Ceramic Tile Magnets & Heat Transfer Vinyl

Ceramic Tile Magnets & Heat Transfer Vinyl


Step 1: Cut apart your ceramic tiles and trim off acess rubber on edges. Be sure to wash your tiles with some alcohol to remove any oils residue or dust.

Step 2: Cut your HTV to size making sure each design will fit into a 2″ x 2″ square. I cut all of mine the largest side at 1.8″

Step 3: Turn on your Cricut Mini Press to Medium Heat setting and weed your HTV while it heats up.

Step 4: Place your HTV design centered on your ceramic tile. Using your cricut mini with medium pressure, constant motion for 5-10 seconds. Peel off backing. Be careful these ceramic tiles will be HOT!

After you have applied HTV to all your ceramic tiles you’re ready for some sealant.

Step 5: I sealed all of my tiles with a light coat of Matte Mod Podge. Personal preference I like a matte finish, but if you prefer gloss then use Mod Podge Gloss. You can finish the edges of the tiles with some paint or even a sharpie marker. I painted them in black then sealed again.

Step 6: You’re using tiles so you’ll need a good glue adhesive to hold the magnet in place. I am using caulk from a squeeze tube, another adhesive is E6000 glue. Both work well and hold up over time, allow either to dry at least 4 hrs.

There you have it HTV on ceramic tile. So easy so fast and they look cute.

Be sure to watch my video tutorial on my Youki Page.