Foil Quill Valentines Day Cards

Foil Quill Valentines Day Cards

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Have you heard of the new FOIL QUILL by We R Memory Keepers? Its AMAZING!! This is perfect for Valentine Cards, Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Congrats Cards and more….

I got mine and I am ready to start making all sorts of goodies with it. I started out with something simple because I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be. Let me tell you!! It is the EASIEST thing to do. The Foil Quill comes with a step by step book to plug into your Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, Brother or Sizzix cutter. It took me less than 5 minutes to set up. Once set up its the same as using your pens on your cutters. 

Let’s set up our Foil Quill: It’s easy!! 


A note on washi tape I use washi tape because it has a light grip and will not tear your card stock when you peel it off. Any brand will work as long as it is a paper washi. I use generic plain washi tape. There is also a light grip clear tape but I have not tried that.

Step 1: Using the book check which machine you have and use the proper adapter to fit into the PEN/BLADE carriage on your cutter. I am working with a Silhouette Cameo 2 so I am using the A Adapter and plugging it into my BLADE CARRIAGE. Twist the lock on the carriage until it clicks. 

Step 2: Plug the Foil Quill into your Silhouette Cameo on the side there is a USB plug, once plugged the light will come on the Foil Quill. If you do not have a USB on your cutter you can use an outlet, computer or power bank. Not all machines have a USB and not all machines will power the Foil Quill. 

Step 3: Place the heat shield metal spatula UNDER the gold tip of the Foil Quill to not burn your machine. Allow it about 5 minutes to heat up to the temperature it needs. WARNING: The Foil Quill gets hot.

Step 4: Choose your design you are going to foil and load into your program. I am making a Valentines Day Card you can find some cute Single Line Designs in my shop. Adjust to size as you wish, I am working with 4×6 inch sheets of foil. I want my design to fit inside this sheet of foil. 

Step 5: Place your card stock on your mat, lay the foil over top the card stock, using some washi tape you’ll want to adhere the foil onto the mat and card stock. This holds the foil in place so it does not move while it’s foiling. See the photos below:  

Step 6: Highlight the design and hit SEND … these are the settings I used for me the harder the PASS the more gold you will see. Does that make sense? See photo below:

  • Material: Cardstock, Plain
  • Action: Sketch
  • Tool: Sketch Pen
  • Speed 3 Force 4 Pass 1

Step 7: Once finished remove from mat and peel washi tape gently off card stock. 

Since I am using two colors I will repeat STEPS 4-7 with a second color of foil to finish my design.