Repurpose An Old Sign PLUS HTV On Wood

Repurpose An Old Sign PLUS HTV On Wood

While cleaning out the basement I found a box of some old signs and frames just sitting. SO whats a craft girl to do Repurpose them. I just love the idea of taking something old or something not your style and turning it into your style.

Let’s Begin


Step 1: Paint the inside frame any color of your choice. I went with an off white, egg shell color. I did 3 coats of paint and using my heat gun dried each layer in between.

Step 2: Making it an aged look or farmhouse style dry brush some black paint over top and sand off.

Step 4: Paint the frame – I used black. Heat dry and sand it for a distressed look.

Step 5: Cut and Weed your HTV and heat up your mini press. Medium heat 20-30 seconds.

Yes this happened don’t do this haha

Step 6: Place your HTV on top of your wood piece with constant motion press with your mini press. Each area should get 10-15 sec of heat. Lift the carrier sheet. Be careful it’ll be hot.

Step 7: Wash your glass and put the frame back together.

Now you have an old frame turned new again.

Watch the full tutorial on my YouTube

You can also find a short version on my Tangi

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Have you repurposed anything lately? Drop a note below if you have and how it turned out. Thanks