Upscale Dollar Tree Egg Sign – HTV on Cardboard

Upscale Dollar Tree Egg Sign – HTV on Cardboard

Dollar Tree has some really cute signs and boards that you can sand down and remake into something else. I got these egg shaped signs for $1 and thought they would be even cuter with some paint and HTV.


Step 1: Sand your sign down so theres not much on it all that paper and glitter gone.

Step 2: Paint the board any color of your choice.

Step 3: Add some painters tape to the board and separate different parts for egg decorating.

Step 4: Paint those sections of the board and add some polka dots if you want to.

Step 5: Weed your HTV

Step 5: Turn on your Cricit Mini Press Medium Heat setting about 25-30 seconds.

Step 6: Place your HTV on the painted board with constant motion 5-10 seconds in each spot. Peel up backing be careful it’s hot.

Step 7: Apply a layer of varnish I use chalk paint varnish for my chalk paints.

Thats it! Real easy to upscale or re design any cardboard sign from Dollar Tree.

Find. my short version on Tangi for Creators