Sublimation Shop Rags for Dad Craft Tutorial

Sublimation Shop Rags for Dad Craft Tutorial

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Let’s make Dad some Sublimated shop rags.


Let’s first start by opening our png file in photoshop at 300dpi. If it’s not at 300dpi we can change that now. Image -> Image Size -> Resolution 300 -> Then OK

Next we want to “FLIP” our image to print reverse. Edit -> Transform -> Flip Horizontal

Print your image to fit the item you are applying to. My design I want to print at a 5″x5″ square.

Once printed trim off the access white paper heat up your press to 400 degrees.

  • Place your shop rag inside your hot press
  • cover with teflon
  • close lid press for 60 seconds
  • slowly lift the HOT sub paper to avoid smudge.

These shop rags make a simple and affordable gift for dad. Any questions ask below. As always make sure you pin for me to be able to bring you more goodness.