How To Use Pattern/Printed HTV

How To Use Pattern/Printed HTV

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Have you tried Pattern/Printed HTV? I love this stuff. So many colors and designs available.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use pattern or printed htv.

It’s really easy to use, think of it as 651 vinyl. You never mirror or reverse pattern HTV, you cut on the printed side. Here are my Cameo cut settings for pattern HTV.

After you cut the pattern HTV you’ll need to weed out the design.

These next steps are how we apply the carrier sheet to our weeded design.

When you order pattern HTV you also need to get the clear carrier sheets or a mask with you order. You’ll need to peel the white backing off this clear sheet. Lay it on top of your weeded pattern HTV and burnish it well to remove bubbles. Now you have two clear sheets and your pattern in between each. Peel the back clear sheet off of the printed HTV. Now your pattern HTV has a carrier sheet ON TOP of the printed side. Voila! How easy was that?

Now we need to press onto our shirt, heat your press up to 300 degrees and press for 10-15 seconds. You want to HOT peel the carrier sheet off the pressed design.

You can find this FREE SVG on my website here

Pattern HTV from HeatTransfer Warehouse

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