How To Unzip and Upload SVGs into Cricut Design Space

How To Unzip and Upload SVGs into Cricut Design Space

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In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to unzip your SVG file and open in Cricut Design Space on a Mac.

First things first you cannot upload a zip file into Cricut Design Space. You’ll need the SVG for this. You also cannot right click on any SVG and “open with” Cricut Design Space. That option won’t be listed in your list.

Once you download your file to your “downloads” folder on your computer you’re going to need to unzip the file.

On a Mac – To unzip Right Click – Open With – Archive Utility. Another way is to double click the zip file and it will unzip for you.

On a Windows PC – Right Click – Extract All – Browse your location which should be your downloads folder then Extract

Now you have the zip file and the folder with your svgs.

Now we will open Cricut Design Space and log in. Go to NEW PROJECT – UPLOAD – UPLOAD IMAGE – BROWSE

When you hit BROWSE you’ll need to navigate to the downloads folder where you downloaded your SVGs to. Double click your folder with your SVG inside. In there you will most likely see an SVG, PNG, JPEG, DXF and/or EPS file. Cricut needs the SVG file all others won’t give you a clean cut with your machine. Click open on the SVG file.

On a Windows PC you’ll see this as your files select the SVG Document

Once open here you can change the name or add some tags if you wanted to then click save. Click your newly uploaded SVG then INSERT IMAGES on the bottom right corner.

Here is the SVG we just unzipped and uploaded to CDS on a Mac.

Thanks so much for reading my blog tutorial I hope it helped you learn how to unzip files and open in Cricut Design Space.