DIY Ruler Growth Chart

DIY Ruler Growth Chart

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This DIY Ruler Growth Chart tutorial is an awesome idea for any wall and makes an interesting conversation piece. Measure your kids growth from year to year and take it with you if you ever move.

Using HTV on stained wood you can have this done in less than a day using your Cricut or Silhouette Cameo.

Ruler Growth Chart Supplies:

Step 1: Sand and stain your board with which ever color you prefer. I went with an antique walnut color.

Step 2: After your board dries you can sand it a little to give it some tooth, which just makes the HTV and clear coat stick a little better.

Step 3: Mark your board with feet and inches. Measure and draw a line 2″ long every 6″ from the bottom using a sharpie or you can cut these out of your HTV. I went with a sharpie for the lines. You also need to place a line every 1″ from the bottom to make the inch lines.

Step 4: Cut your HTV using your cutter of choice and heat up your Cricut Mini using medium heat setting. Using constant motion equal pressure 10-15 seconds per number.

Step 5: Apply your clear coat and hang the board 6″ from the floor.

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