How to make a Scallop in Adobe Illustrator 2020

How to make a Scallop in Adobe Illustrator 2020

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For this tutorial I am using Adobe Illustrator 2020 V 24.3

We will be using some basic steps with the Stroke and Path tools along side the Ellipse tool.

To begin let’s make a perfectly round circle 200px with the ellipse tool.

With the circle you just made making sure it is selected click on your keyboard D this will give you a white fill and black outline. You can also choose white fill and black outline in your color sections on the left side.

Using the stroke panel which you can find under Window > Stroke

Make sure you have Show Options selected to see all the options available.

On the stroke window we will make the stroke 15pt, the cap round and corner round and align stroke to center.

Next we want to make sure DASHED LINE is selected and align to corners selected. For this example I am using 0pt for dash and 14pt for gap. (You can experiment with different numbers in the stroke/gap for larger or smaller scallops.) Always making sure dash is set to 0pt. As you can see there is already a scallop outline on the circle we made.

Lets go up to Object > Expand Appearance

Then again go to Object > Expand making sure Fill and Stroke are both selected

Next we go to the pathfinder and select UNITE which is the first box.

Here is your scallop using basic tools in Illustrator.

If you want larger scallops you can adjust the stroke and gap to any size you’d like. Here is a 200 px circle using 50 stroke and 45 gap scallop.

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