Laminate Stickers with Cricut

Laminate Stickers with Cricut

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Did you know that you can laminate the stickers you make with your cricut and or cameo? I am going to show you how I laminate my stickers using just a regular circle sticker.


Step 1: Print out your sticker sheet using your printer as normal from your cricut.

Step 2: Place your sticker sheet into your laminating pouch as shown.

Step 3: Run your sticker sheet into the the laminator following the laminator instructions. My laminator goes in closed side first. You’ll notice it sucks the pouch in and comes out the bottom. Caution it may me hot.

Step 4: Place your laminated sticker sheet onto your Cricut mat. I use standard nicapa mats for everything. Line up the sticker sheet to the edge of the mat line.

Step 5: Adjust your cricut settings for mine I turned my dial to Poster Board and then one more click. Load your cricut mat by pressing the arrow and then GO.

This setting will make two cuts around your laminated sticker. Once cutting is complete unload your mat pop out your laminated stickers.

Laminating a sticker won’t always make them waterproof, the ink in your printer makes that happen. I use an inkjet printer – the lamination is for weather, fading and durability. Keep that in mind before you try this out.