Cricut Print n Cut Bookmarks

Cricut Print n Cut Bookmarks

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I found these really great ready to print bookmarks. So let’s make some bookmarks with our laminator.

Supply List:

Let’s first load the bookmarks into Cricut Design Space and arrange to make an 8.5×11 sheet. Print out on your printer with bleed on or off. I selected off for bleed.

After you print out your bookmark sheet load it onto your cricut mat and cut.

Take the cut out bookmarks off the mat using your nifty tool.

Now we laminate the pre cut bookmarks. Open your laminate pouch and insert the bookmarks, align them up in equal rows.

Place into your laminator by following the instructions it came with. My scotch laminator goes closed side in first. Watch them get pulled in then out sealed in your laminator pouch. Caution HOT!

After they come out of the laminator, let’s cut them on our paper cutter guillotine. Trim to size leaving about 1/8″ to 1/4″ around each edge.


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