How To Use Heat Transfer Foil

How To Use Heat Transfer Foil

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Heat Transfer Foil is such a fun unique way to make some really awesome projects.

There are a few tricks when using Heat Transfer Foils you’ll learn about here. First and foremost you cannot layer the foils on top of each other OR on top of any HTV. The adhesive is applied first at approx. temp 275 for 5 seconds hot peel. Place the foil over top of the adhesive making sure it’s not on top of any regular htv temp 275-300 for 8-15 seconds, COLD peel.


Step 1: Layer and press all your regular HTV on your item.

Step 2: Weed the adhesive foil, it is very easy to weed but a little hard to see. Make sure you have some good lighting.

Step 3: Apply the adhesive foil to your shirt and press the adhesive for 5 SECONDS and no longer at 275 degrees. You need to HOT peel the adhesive backing.

Step 4: Next we will apply the Heat Foil, cut the foil to size fitting exact where you need it. Place over top the adhesive and press for 8-15 seconds no longer at 275-300 degrees. We will COLD peel the foil after it’s pressed. I like to gently remove my item from the press so its away from the heat. Peel the foil off the shirt slowly, remember it’s glued on the adhesive so it needs a tug.