Valentine Jenga Blocks

Valentine Jenga Blocks

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Step 1: Paint your blocks using your chalk paints. I am impatient so usually hit them with heat to dry faster.

Step 2: Sand the edges for distressing (forgot to take a photo, I use a sanding sponge)

Step 3: Measure your blocks to cut the HTV to size. Approx. 3″ by 1″ or a little less but no larger than.

at the time of the post Winter Princess was a FREE FONT

Step 4: Heat up your cricut mini press medium settings. Apply your HTV on the block with constant motion 5-10 seconds.

Step 5: Clear coat I like to use a matte or flat finish. You can use glossy also.


It’s free font day!! Valentine Wood Blocks Craft! #freefonts #foryoupage #valentine #freebies

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