Cricut Print and Cut Full Page

Cricut Print and Cut Full Page

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Here is an easy way to take advantage of the full size of a cricut print and cut.

Create a rectangle 9.25″ x 6.75″ and fill in with any color. Load your stickers and fit them into the rectangle using as much space as possible.

Go to your layers panel and turn the colored block off.

Next you’ll want to select all the stickers right click flatten. You’ll have one layer with all your stickers ready to print and cut. Click MAKE IT

On the print page click Send to Printer, turn bleed off turn on Use System Dialog. When you click that your printer settings will open. Make sure you print on the HIGHEST quality possible. All printers are different – you may need to select advanced in your print settings.

Watch for the magic to print.

Once printed align on your mat to the far left and top and load into your printer.


New Sticker Design!! Hand drawn flowers for you to print and cut. #cricut #stickers #stickermaking #foryoupage #ipad #procreate

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