What is Sublimation?

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What is Sublimation? Sublimation is a process in which you use a special printer, ink and paper to dye an image or design onto an item. Once the design or image is printed with this speciality inks and papers you then heat press at approx. 400 for about 60 seconds.

Can I use my at home printer? No you must a special printer for printing out and using sublimation inks.

Can I use any shirt? No. You must use a shirt that is at least 60% polyester. Using a 50/50 poly/cotton mix will result in a faded design and most likely will wash out.

Is sublimation cost effective? Sublimation to start is not a cheap investment. But in the long run it’s much cheaper than HTV and less work.

Here are some great highly recommended sublimation printers

You are also going to need sublimation paper to print on

Most printers come with sample amounts of inks so here are some sublimation inks to stock up on

And of course you need some blank items to sublimate on